Belfield FM Week 4 Script (Winter 2021)

A radio script for Belfield FM

Winter 2021 logo for Writer’s Block with Colm O’Shea.

Song 1: World Adventure Theme by Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra

The World Adventure Theme by the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, bringing some life into the final week day of the week.

It’s the main theme for Sonic Unleashed from 2008 which I mainly love for two things. One the music and two the main setting being a journey around the world visiting fictionalised versions of Greece, Antarctica, mainland Europe and Africa.

The music in particular is just spectacular from the sheer range on display. And even though I can only list them off here a couple that come to mind are the various hub area themes for Empire City at night, Apotis in the day, Spagonia both in day and night and for the main stages Rooftop Run’s day stage instantly comes to mind as well as the first stage Windmill Lane and Skyscraper Scamper’s night version, all of them are fantastic.

Anyway, enough about that, how is everyone doing today, welcome back to Writer’s Block with Colm O’Shea. I can’t really see or sense anyone listening to me right now but I’m sure at least someone is listening to me ramble on air for the next few minutes.

So as usual we have 9 more songs to play today, another creative writing prompt and our weekly song story so don’t go anywhere.

But for now I actually wanted to take the time to give you a bit of behind the scenes of this show. So when I first got this offer back in October I immediately began thinking of what I could do for my slot here on Belfield FM.

However, last week when I was doing the interview with George from Unofficial Controller and by the time I finished up it was just about pitch black outside. So as sort of a response to that, I redid most of my songs today so that they are night themed to give a bit of spring to your evening. Even though I can’t really see the state of the sun behind this studio glass.

And without any more delay, let’s jazz it up.

Song 2: Never too Much by Luther Vandroz

Song 3: The Villain I appear to Be by Connor Spoitto and Molly Pease

Connor Spoitto and Molly Pease with their song The Villian I Appear to Be, originally made for a short called Diamond Jack by Rachel Kim on YouTube. And before that we had a different jazzy themed piece with Luther Vandroz and his song Never Too Much.

So when I chose to redo the playlist to be more night time themed, Connor and Molly’s piece seemingly springed to mind quickly. And I believe aside from that electric guitar and saxophone bridge to the final chorus it’s because the song is really that good.

It has a real sense of adventure I feel with the lyrics talking about the protagonist being a bit of a daredevil when it comes to his profession and it’s one of those pieces I can instantly picture playing out in my head just from how vivid it is to look at.

Then with Vandross I know people are instantly going to think of the recent ad campaign that McDonadld’s in Ireland has done with that song but I was actually introduced to that when Google Doodle chose to celebrate his 70th birthday back in April of this year.

And with the love story that’s told within that piece, it makes me wish I was introduced to him much earlier because of the funk within that bass and it’s own electric guitar that makes up the bulk of the piece. Just a really funky and motivational piece if you get me.

Anyway, just checking now the time is … but whatever you do don’t go anywhere. We still have my weekly creative writing prompt to look forward to as well our also weekly Song Stories segment to look forward to.

For now though, let’s bring it down a bit.

Song 4: Relax and Rewind by Yoko Shimomura

Song 5: One more kiss, dear by Stephen Sondheim

Song 6: Coffee by beebaddoobee

3 back to back songs playing right here on Belfield FM. Those being Coffee by indie artist beebaddoobee, One More Kiss, Dear by Stephen Sondheim and Relax and Rewind by Yoko Shimomura made for the game Final Fantasy 15. God that was a mouthful.

Coffee has been one of those songs that’s been on my repeat rewind on Spotify a lot this past month, especially for one so brief. But I think despite it’s length the reason I feel so attached to it is because it feels so warm with the lyrics of Bee singing to someone she has such a strong affection for and trying to cheer him and herself up with some coffee. Just good music I think.

As with Sondheim, that is surprisingly enough a cover of a song originally by Paul McCartney and was first made for the musical Follies but I like many others were first introduced to it when it was featured in the original soundtrack for Bladerunner which is debatably one of my favorite film scores. And I just love it for it’s simple piano melody and the fact it fits into Bladerunner’s eriery world perfectly.

Then finally with Shimomura, I actually got to try out FF15 earlier this year when I finally got my PS5 in March (legally I might add) and was able to try it out thanks to the PS Plus collection on the service. I didn’t get very far but this piece when you're resting up near a campfire is very well made.

Anyway enough meandering, let’s move onto my creative prompt of the week:

As this is meant as a creative writing programme, this slot every week is there for listeners of the show to try and get some creative writing ideas down onto the page should they be interested.

Last week we didn’t get to explore the CW prompt I had prepared nor the Song Stories segment for the week but I still feel that even if I didn’t it was a great interview and one that was a good pace breaker from our usual activities here on Writer’s Block.

Anyway, this week I want to take a little inspiration from a CW book I read recently.

Imagine what would happen if four people, friends, family, co-workers, classmates, whoever you have that are very close with met in real life. And write what they would say to each other about you.

Now the reason why I’m asking you this for today is because, people are what ultimately make up our stories. Whether we realise it or not, people make up the world at large. If one day tomorrow all of life on earth aside from the soil that we stand on evaporates, where would that leave the world?

Full of plant life sure but it wouldn’t change much in the grand scheme of things.

Even when we're doing something like recalling a series of events to somebody or getting someone up to speed in a new working environment, people are always at the forefront of that discussion.

And with short stories and novels, characters are essential to developing a story. As they serve a number of functions to the reader. They can be our camera for the world, a living book on how they act and what others might have to say about them.

And in tune with that, about two weeks ago now I wrote a short story based on my novel focused primarily on the perspective of the friends of my two protagonists as they never really had a scene together in the main story so far. I did have this drafted up for another peer session next week but I think it’s for the best that it wasn’t chosen.

So I’ll just read out a passage of it here now as a example:

As they left, they already began to chat happily among themselves while still keeping clear of the other people present.

Damien and Jess stared at them as they did.

"Look at them.” Damien finally began unwavering his focus “The snob and the thug. I can't think of a weirder combination than that."

Jess looked at him unusually as they broke focus.

“Well I guess no stranger than us.”

Jess nodded quietly as they both returned to their drinks. Jess’ bottle water was cooling and basic while Damien’s green tea remained eloquent if bitter.

“God it feels like we’ve been at this forever.” Damien then started tiredly “I mean yeah, it’s only been a month but all this running and finding motivations for murder gets exhausting doesn’t it?”

He then glanced towards Jess who continued sipping her water gently.

“I’m starting to see why everyone but Seth doesn’t like me talking.” he shrugged a little impatiently “Then again he didn’t have much of a choice. We were kendo partners for ages. Makes me wonder why you two are so tight?”

Jess looked up from her bottle then her cheeks turned bright pink.

“Second thought, maybe I don’t want to know.” Damien sat back down “But I can assume that every lion needs it’s tamer right?”

To his surprise, Jess looked up from her bottle with annoyance. She quickly placed it down on the table and rolled up a sleeve on her left arm. A large worn out gash remained sprayed halfway across the long bone.

“Did she do that?” he asked a little unsurprised

Jess, her eyes still sharp, pulled up an image on her phone followed by a list of instructions. It only took him a second to recognise the logo for St. Gerald’s National Hospital.

“So she helped you?” Damien asked with some curiosity.

Jess nodded as she pocketed the device. For some reason as the implications sank in, the massive scar across his cheek stinged a little. A mark made under different circumstances.

“Well I mean I don’t think she’s always a hulking beast.” he then waved away casually. Jess raised an eyebrow in a “are you sure?” manner

“Don’t look at me like that, I can be wrong sometimes.”

That’s obviously not all there is to that story but I felt as an example that it was pretty fitting for the topic today. And I think for one that took me about 15 minutes over the course of two days that it actually turned out better than I expected.

So with all that said, I’ll give you as usual five minutes to do your piece and I’ve got some music to play as well. See you soon.

Song 7: Rent a Van by Tom Doolie

Song 8: Black Coffee by Elijah Who

Elijah Who and Tom Doolie played on Writer’s Block with Colm O’Shea and their songs Black Coffee and Rent a Van respectively.

I don’t have any specific comments on those lofi songs myself, as I usually find a lot of songs like them on specific lofi channels or compilations on YouTube. And I think Black Coffee is definitely the one I prefer the most, not just because it’s named after my favorite drink but just the general electronic drum beat and how well it pairs with the piano scale of the piece.

Then with Rent a Van that feels like going on a kind of journey you could say with the low muted guitar pattern and it’s own electronic drum beat, kind of matching a sort of feeling when you're in a new country for the summer and are exploring everything that it has to offer.

Now how was your writing prompt for the day? I know not everyone is interested in doing it every week but I think my goal here is to at least interest someone into trying it out at least and using the prompt as a good jumping off point for some great story ideas.

Like in my two creative writing classes this year we’re usually given a prompt to do for about 15 minutes. And I almost always struggle with starting off just because there are a lot of ways I can approach something like a photo given, or a sentence to respond to. But I also usually find it easy to get going once I start and I think they all give me a good break away from my novel writing for the week which is great.

And if you are interested in showing off what you have done, why not send it to me via the email and I can read it out on air for you should you like.

Anyway, enough of that let’s move onto our Song Stories segment of the week. As usual you lovely listeners are given the opportunity to write into the show via the previously mentioned email and talk about songs that you particularly enjoy and why.

Is what I would be saying if we actually had people write into today. It’s a bit sad I will say but what more can you do in this scenario.

But you know… yeah why not actually. Today, funnily enough is a good friend of mine’s birthday and I asked her earlier last week if there were any songs she’d like played in commemoration of that fact. And in response she shared with me one that I and everyone else will feel they will have likely heard of at least once before but couldn’t think of the name of it.

And I guess with the limited time we have left here, let’s give it a play.

So in dedication to a very special 20 year old today here is Mika and their song Grace Kelly.

Song 9: Grace Kelly by Mika

Grace Kelly by Mika there in dedication to a very special birthday girl here on Belfield FM. And I guess since it was a special request I feel comfortable in tying that in for my Song Stories segment for this week.

I had listened to it last week when she suggested it and I instantly remember thinking this as one of those songs like Bohemian Like You or Pencil Full of Lead that everyone in the 2000’s would have heard a lot on the radio but couldn’t name.

And as if to prove my hypothesis right, this was originally made back in 2007, a time that feels so very very far away now the more I think of it. So thank you lovely listener for suggesting that and I hope you enjoy your day.

Alright, we’re just about ready to wrap here I think for the day. Thank you very much for tuning in and listening in. Feels very good to be back to normal this week strangely.

For now though I’ll leave today on our final track. With exam season getting closer and closer by the week I wanted to dedicate a small song to those that are struggling to get themselves together in time for the workload to arrive.

So in recollection of that this next song is dedicated to everyone trying to hold on as it comes from the great sounding Marcus Mumford who I mentioned during my first Song Stories as he does a rendition of You’ll Never Walk Alone.

Thank you very much for listening and… goodbye.

Song 10: You’ll Never Walk Alone by Marcus Mumford

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