Haiku Poems based on Ulysses

18(-ish) short poems based on James Joyce’s popular book

N.B: All of these poems were orginally written as part of a collaboration with Fighting Words in 2018 for Bloomsday. The winning enteries were then printed on copper and sold to public. All of these “episodes” are based on the various chapters that show up in the Modern English version of the text.

And if your wondering why I’m uploading these now it’s because February 2nd 1922 is the date that Ulyssesus is set on.

Also, I never actually read Ulyssesus meaning I could be very wrong about how these events are structured in the actual book.

Partners end (Episode 1)

Day dawns. And with it

Our friendship crescendos. Now that the usurper

Controls this tower. Memories included.

1 May 2018

Distant relatives (Episode 2)

Should we a person of

Man forget our brothers within this

Equal world? Would they?

26 April 2018

Copper platting of one of the poems I did for this contest. I remember giving it to my Secondary School years ago but they have yet to actually display it, last time I checked.

The plains of my mind (Episode 3)

This old beachhead where I look.

Where Odysseus stood on a similar dry plain.

Deserted. Like my lonely mind.

30 April 2018

From what I remember this is a collection of all the entries that were posted during the contest. Here are the first 3 episodes grouped together.

A cruel kiss (Episode 4)

Trust in a form was

What he longed for and yet

Wind changes in time.

26 April 2018

Bloom (Episode 5)

We often find time to

Locate the rare flower of grass for

Ourselves. And yet we already have.

26 April 2018

Friend of the devil (Episode 6)

He greets all with

That same grin.

A look that never

Nor begins. A crisped,

Handless clock

30 April 2018

Episodes 4 to 6 on the archive.

New news (Episode 7)

He tells the tales that

Make our country. As he joins destructive

Beauty of someone else’s expressed pain.

1 May 2018

“Me and me alone” (Episode 8)

Being amongst the Philotimo is

To say you are both welcome and

Exiled. The punishment of gods.

26 April 2018

One other platted copy of a poem I did for the event. This one I still have and keep it proudly on a mantlepiece for myself. (ignore how poorly this has been shot, including what I think looks like Pizza Hut Garlic Bread in the background) (I feel hungry for some now actually).

Faith (Episode 9)

These pages tell all of

Us. The tales that make lady Shakespeare

The architect of lovingly hate.

28 April 2018

Epsiodes 7 to 9 on the archive.


History is the cruel mistress

Which dictates all of now and come.

A cruel spotlight on all.

28 April 2018

Moonlight (Episode 10)

Streets that we go through,

Do you favor or hate all men?

When I walked continually on?

30 April 2018

Songs of siren’s (Episode 11)

These maids that see me

In this mansion. If only they could

Mame me. Like my wife did.

30 April 2018

Episode 9 to 11 on the archive.

Talk (Episode 12)

Ramblings of a kind is what keeps

Barflies together. And yet it’s

Also what tears them apart.

30 April 2018

Another copper platted quote from the collection. Can’t remember where this one is anymore and I don’t think I gave it to anyone. Might try and find this another time.

A troubled man’s desires (Episode 13)

Dreams are often the main

Reason why we are still here. As

We indulge in black hearts.

1 May 2018

Birth (Episode 14)

Within this empty room

Contains one person, as the world nether

Cries or cheers at life.

1 May 2018

Episodes 12 to 14 as featured on the archive.

Rage (Episode 15)

Spirits of night. Do you

Tell all of us? We throw out

Arms as the world watches.

1 May 2018

Overture (Episode 16)

Fairies of the mind can

Make men mad. Tired of life itself,

Is the start of the end.

1 May 2018

This lonely night (Episode 17)

What makes me different

To you? When we stay the night

And you leave. Alone again.

1 May 2018

Episodes 15 to 17 in the archive.

Moon filled lust (Episode 18)

The flame that lights the Hearts

contents. A spark of which still

Burns for anyone I see.

1 May 2018

Episode 18 taken from the archive.

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